Blackwells Oxford

“Sailing to Scandinavia” in Bookstores

The book of our journey to the end of the Baltic Sea is now available in Bookstores throughout Europe and North America. It’s listed in the Ingram catalog now for expanded distribution. So you can order it at shops like Waterstones or Blackwells in the UK (we visited the impressive Blackwells in Oxford, shown in the picture, this summer and went to quite a few Waterstones).

But you can get the book now in stores in France, Germany (for example at Thalia), in Sweden or Poland, just to name a few countries. It’s listed with the ISBN 978-3982513805 and the imprint and publisher is Edition Svanen. Of course there are always the editions you can get at Amazon. The expanded edition of the book contains chapters about Hamburg and Copenhagen, and you can get all the details and more links to retailers on this page.

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