Sailing to Scandinavia : A Journey to the End of the Baltic Sea

This is the expanded second edition: Now with chapters about visits to Copenhagen in Denmark and Hamburg and the river Elbe in Germany! Get a free sample of the book below.

Sailing is a unique way to travel. Especially when it comes to the end of the Baltic Sea. On the coast of the Bothnian Sea lies the small town of Haparanda between Sweden and Finland, the destination of this trip. With their Swedish-built Vindö 32, Florian and Birgit Hanauer sail to the end of the Baltic Sea in the summer of 2021. On more than 2200 nautical miles, they face dramatic and funny experiences. And what’s best? The whole trip is almost without tides… so it’s tideless fun on the Baltic Sea.

This book contains: 15 maps of the route across the Baltic Sea and over 50 photos (printed in this edition in greyscale). There is the detailed cruise report from Stockholm to the north coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, and the trips from Hamburg to Stockholm as well. The book also contains many practical tips about cruising.

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Here are a few pictures of the book, showing the cover and some inside pages:

Fittingly, there is also the book “A Picture Journey to Haparanda”, which shows many colour photos of our sailing trips to Scandinavia. More information here.

Get a free sample

Here you can Download a free sample of the book. This “mini book” contains 32 pages, and it includes chapters from “Sailing to Scandinavia”, like the chapter about cruising with small boats, plus the foreword and “Meet Mr. Moose”.