Audiobook "Sailing to Scandinavia"

The Audiobook from Haparanda is Ready

The journey of Florian and Birgit to Haparanda, from Hamburg across the Baltic Sea and the Bothnian Sea, is now also available as an audiobook. The audiobook is 6 hours and 23 minutes long and is now available in the Google Play Store. Google Books are easy to read and listen to on any mobile device. We think this is an interesting addition to the previous editions: To the print editions (at Amazon and bookstores) and to the e-books.

So dive into our journey from Hamburg to Haparanda. Exciting cities lie on the way, such as Stockholm or Lulea in Sweden, but also Oulu and Vaasa in Finland. We visit the Aland Islands and many small fishing ports. Did you know? One thing we guarantee not to give: anchoring tips for the long voyage. There are simply too many places, ports and cities to discover on the way from Hamburg to Haparanda.

We generally recommend to all sailors, who are going on this tour, to call at the harbors. After all, on the route through the Bothnian Sea you are not only lucky that there is hardly any tide, which makes sailing very easy, but also that ports are always within reach. Have fun on your trip to Haparanda, fun with “Sailing to Scandinavia“.

Please note: This is an automatically produced audiobook through Google. There are different voices for the text, for the tips and of course for Mr. Moose. The quality of the audio production is high, and you can convince yourself of that by listening to a sample. Please explore the sample before you purchase the Audiobook.

“Sailing to Scandinavia” Gets Its Own Audiobook

Florian John Hanauers English book, “Sailing to Scandinavia”, will be getting its own audiobook edition soon! Presently, we are preparing the production of the audio. For this purpose, the text will be edited again so that all contents can be transmitted. Now, after the summer vacation, there is time for that. Of course, an audiobook is something different from a printed book, and therefore some work will be necessary before the audiobook edition can be published. For example, how are the maps produced in Audio? Do we need different voices for the narrator and the character of Mr. Moose? As soon as the rewrite is finished, the production can begin.

Sail the river Elbe to Hamburg

By the way, “Sailing to Scandinavia” is more than the English edition of the German book “Von Hamburg bis Haparanda” by Friedrich Steindorf, of which there is also an audiobook edition (here for example). The book is extensive, it contains many supplements as well as separate chapters on Copenhagen in Denmark and Hamburg on the Elbe. Sailors who want to sail north from the Netherlands or the United Kingdom to the Baltic Sea can thus experience what it would be like to sail up the Elbe – all the way to Hamburg. Of course, the heart of the book is our long trip to Haparanda in Sweden. Practical Boat Owner magazine reported on this trip in January 2023.

So stay tuned for the audiobook edition of “Sailing to Scandinavia”. We will keep you informed.

Audiobook production will start soon / Credit: Fabrizio Bruogni (Microphone) and Ron Porter (Fisherman) – Pixabay