PBO Magazine

“PBO” Reports on our Trip to Haparanda

A great report about our sailing trip to Haparanda is in the new issue of Practical Boat Owner, PBO, Britain’s best-selling yachting magazine. The nice layout of the text is underlined by some pretty photos. Included is a map showing the trip between Sweden and Finland. The article is a compact report on our journey, which I describe in detail in the book “Sailing to Scandinavia – a journey to the end of the Baltic Sea“.

A long voyage across the Baltic Sea could also be interesting for sailors from the British Isles. Especially because there are no tides on the Baltic. What that means knows anyone who has ever sailed off the coasts of England. Because up in the Baltic you can put away the tide calendar and concentrate exclusively on wind and weather.

Heading to port after small mishaps

Another focus of the article in PBO is on the small and not so small mishaps that happened to us on the long journey: from the broken shaft of the outboard to the torn main halyard on the mast. But you can get through such events if you keep a cool head. Then you head for the next port and there very calmly get on with the repairs. We did this a few times and always came safe into the next harbour.

I myself think that “Practical Boat Owner”, or “PBO” for short, is one of the most interesting sailing magazines. The exciting reports, the practical tips on sailing and boat repairs make every issue of PBO worth reading. So it’s all the nicer to now be represented in it myself. Moreover, it was also fun and uncomplicated to work with the great editorial team.

If all this has made you curious, you might want to take a look at the book. Even more so because there is now an expanded edition, you can order it through here or ask for “Sailing to Scandinavia”, published by Edition Svanen (ISBN 978-3982513805), in your nearest bookshop. The magazine “Practical Boat Owner” can be ordered here, the February issue contains the three-page-article, in the printed edition or the e-paper, of course.